One of those days…

We’ve all had them. Those days when you have a long list of things you want to accomplish, when the children are whiny, when you ask them to do something and get THAT eyeroll or SIGH. You have a headache and a toothache, you trip and fall over toys scattered EVERYWHERE. And then, oh good! it’s naptime, but no cooperation there! Couldn’t you sleep for 2 hrs.?? Don’t you know I’m busy? And you could even go crazy and make it 3 hrs… But no! And then every time you go to mow the lawn, it rains. Then a temper tantrum, and you’ve reached the boiling point, and you say things you shouldn’t have, unkind words, angry words. And you can’t wait to put them to bed, even though you know you have to go out & milk those beloved bovines. Then they’re in bed, and you are still feeling stressed, and you proceed to eat your way across that pan of brownies. And then a crying child with toothache, and heading out to the barn with an unthankful spirit.

… And in the quiet, guilt hits. And I think of 2 mothers I heard of this past couple weeks, who’ve each lost a child. I think how they would love to trip over toys their child left lay, to wash their dirty clothes, to hear them one more time, even if they were talking back. And I’m ashamed.

A prayer goes heavenward, and this momma has some apologizing to do.

That was my day yesterday. Tomorrow, I will try my best to do better, and remember to thank God for the times that try you, that teach you patience, the time I have to be a mother to my children.

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