Camera Happy

Yesterday Jenna wanted to be outside, but I had cleaning to do, so I kept her in most of the morning.



When she’s outside I have to hang close because she is all over the place πŸ™‚ I took her out after lunch and decided to grab my camera. If my camera is in my hands, I’m happy!! πŸ™‚ Anyway, we had fun and took lots of pictures and then it was naptime for her. Yay! I LOVE naptime πŸ™‚mostly Jenna 004_edited-1 mostly Jenna 005 mostly Jenna 006She was having so much fun running around in these flowers!mostly Jenna 007 mostly Jenna 009Of course Zoey had to get her picture taken too πŸ™‚mostly Jenna 011 mostly Jenna 012 mostly Jenna 013 mostly Jenna 014I know it’s picture overload, but I couldn’t get enough of her cuteness. I know I’m biased, but I think she is such a cutie pie!!

Then naps were over and I followed her around again.mostly Jenna 015 mostly Jenna 016Wonder what she’s thinking? Probably where she can run next πŸ™‚mostly Jenna 018 mostly Jenna 020 mostly Jenna 022Love that I got this one mid yawn πŸ™‚mostly Jenna 024 mostly Jenna 025Then on to “helping” sissy feed calves.mostly Jenna 034Β  mostly Jenna 037mostly Jenna 039 mostly Jenna 036_edited-1mostly Jenna 031I took all these pictures with my 50mm f / 1.8. I’m learning to love this lens!

Have a great weekend!

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