Happy Things

018_edited-1I was sitting on the floor with my youngest when I heard a banging at the front door. Turned around and saw this 🙂 My sweet boy thought of me & picked me some dandelions 🙂016_edited-1 017_edited-1My little helper! Helping mommy clean the fridge 🙂002_edited-1003_edited-1My office is finally getting finished up! I’m loving it! This closet is so nice – Thanks hubby and brother- in-law 🙂004_edited-1My light makes me happy!005_edited-1 013_edited-1Curtains my mother- in-law did for me. So happy with them! Just need to get some pullbacks for them, so the light can come through during the day. Now we have to hang some things on the wall 🙂012_edited-1Love sunset!020_edited-1Spied this in a tree20140430_121939Lunch with my Mom and sisters. Love Red Robin’s freckled lemonade! And yummy appetizer to share, thanks to sis 🙂019_edited-1Cousins and friends – most of the time 🙂001_edited-1Silly girl!026_edited-1

A quick supper of tacos…

Here’s hoping you have a great rest of the week!!

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