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jenna, school trip, etc 002_edited-1 jenna, school trip, etc 003_edited-1God is so evident in His beautiful creation!jenna, school trip, etc 006_edited-1Sweet blue-eyed boy ( my nephew )jenna, school trip, etc 011_edited-1 jenna, school trip, etc 010_edited-1jenna, school trip, etc 012_edited-1 jenna, school trip, etc 013_edited-1My farm boys – hard at work 🙂jenna, school trip, etc 016_edited-1 jenna, school trip, etc 018My little girlie loves water!!jenna, school trip, etc 028 Make A Wish Parade – this cart was so funny 🙂jenna, school trip, etc 029Watching from Daddy’s lap. I might add that this lasted for a very short time 😉jenna, school trip, etc 038_edited-2 jenna, school trip, etc 039Is this not the cutest face?!! Jenna loves her Aunt Caca’s ( Carla’s 🙂 ) dogs!jenna, school trip, etc 041_edited-1 jenna, school trip, etc 043_edited-1 jenna, school trip, etc 044_edited-1Spending time in the tractor with Daddy. Dale was enjoying this demo tractor 🙂jenna, school trip, etc 050_edited-1 jenna, school trip, etc 053 jenna, school trip, etc 062_edited-1Jenna’s 2 1/2 yr. pictures… more to come later 🙂



After a crazy day, it felt right to do a post on a relaxing evening I had spent at the pond with the children a few weeks back.spring 2014 038_edited-1 spring 2014 040_edited-1Devan loves to fish!spring 2014 041_edited-1spring 2014 042_edited-1Checking out what her brothers are up to 🙂spring 2014 043_edited-1Kirsten took this one. My little guy doesn’t give me too many snuggles anymore, and so I’ll enjoy them while I can 🙂spring 2014 044_edited-1And success!spring 2014 046_edited-1Unhooking the little guy so he can go back to swimming 🙂

Sometimes it’s hard to take time to do things with your children that they enjoy, but it makes them so happy! I know I need to work on that , but as for this evening of fishing, I sure enjoyed it!


My family loves these brownies! And so do I 🙂

Extreme Cookie Dough Brownies*

1 brownie mix { 9 x 13 }

3Tbsp. water

1/3 cup oil

1 egg


1/2 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup sugar

1/2 cup soft butter

1 tsp. vanilla

2 Tbsp. milk

1 cup flour


1 cup chocolate chips

2 tsp. shortening

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix brownie mix with water, oil, and egg, and bake brownies as directed on package. Cool. Combine brown sugar, sugar, and butter. Beat till light and fluffy. Add milk and vanilla; blend well. Add flour and mix well. Spread on cooled brownies. Combine chips and shortening. Heat and stir till smooth. Spread to cover. Refrigerate 30 min. and cut. Store in fridge.

* Recipe from ” Heartwarming Recipes from our Family’s Table”spring 2014 047Enjoy!

Word of warning – they may disappear quickly 🙂

Tip ~ They are great with coffee!

Sweet Austin

My newest nephew. What a cutie!! We did these on a Sun. afternoon after lunch together. My sis-n-law brought this awesome dessert along! Maybe I’ll get the recipe and do a post on that 🙂austin and misc 016_edited-1 austin and misc 031_edited-1austin and misc 120_edited-1Isn’t he sweet?!

Then I had to play a little with designing cards 🙂 It’s something I have alot to learn about, but I do enjoy trying my hand at it.austin 2 austinHoping you are having a great week! ~ Jolene

One of those days…

We’ve all had them. Those days when you have a long list of things you want to accomplish, when the children are whiny, when you ask them to do something and get THAT eyeroll or SIGH. You have a headache and a toothache, you trip and fall over toys scattered EVERYWHERE. And then, oh good! it’s naptime, but no cooperation there! Couldn’t you sleep for 2 hrs.?? Don’t you know I’m busy? And you could even go crazy and make it 3 hrs… But no! And then every time you go to mow the lawn, it rains. Then a temper tantrum, and you’ve reached the boiling point, and you say things you shouldn’t have, unkind words, angry words. And you can’t wait to put them to bed, even though you know you have to go out & milk those beloved bovines. Then they’re in bed, and you are still feeling stressed, and you proceed to eat your way across that pan of brownies. And then a crying child with toothache, and heading out to the barn with an unthankful spirit.

… And in the quiet, guilt hits. And I think of 2 mothers I heard of this past couple weeks, who’ve each lost a child. I think how they would love to trip over toys their child left lay, to wash their dirty clothes, to hear them one more time, even if they were talking back. And I’m ashamed.

A prayer goes heavenward, and this momma has some apologizing to do.

That was my day yesterday. Tomorrow, I will try my best to do better, and remember to thank God for the times that try you, that teach you patience, the time I have to be a mother to my children.

Farm life

I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

Daddy's helper

Daddy’s helper

our little cow man

our little cow man

spring 2014 006_edited-1

even cows need their nails trimmed :)

even cows need their nails trimmed 🙂

Tristan spends alot of time watching the cows!

Tristan spends alot of time watching the cows!

spring 2014 022_edited-1

fun in the creek

spring 2014 023_edited-1

my 2 youngest

spring 2014 027_edited-1

even wading with boots is fun 🙂

spring 2014 024_edited-1

geese on the pond

geese on the pond

Have a blessed day!

Boys will be boys

Boy, n.: a noise with dirt on it. – Not Your Average Dictionary

I thought that definition a bit comical 🙂 Yes, boys are happiest when they are dirty. At least my two, and I have a wash pile to prove it 🙂spring 2014 003austin and misc 002_edited-1 austin and misc 004_edited-1Playing in the sawdust. I would think that would make you feel very itchy and dirty, but they were having a blast 🙂austin and misc 007_edited-1austin and misc 008My nephew was enjoying himself too.austin & misc 007These 2 are trouble 🙂spring 2014 026Playing in the creek. He even managed to fall in. Can you believe that? 🙂

I guess if you’re a boy, life’s just better when you’re dirty 🙂 Here’s to loving my boys – noise, dirt, and all!



I am blessed with a wonderful mom and mother-in-law! When I had children of my own, it was only then that I realized all the things a mother does ” behind the scenes” 🙂 I’m not saying I didn’t appreciate them before, but I was just made more aware!

So tomorrow, I hope you can spend some time with your moms, and let them know how special they are!

To all the moms out there- Untitled-1


I had so much fun taking Destiny’s pictures! I was wishing for some sun, which didn’t happen, but we still took lots of pictures. I asked her if she is going to get tired of me, and she said no, but I think till I was done, she may have changed her mind 🙂

Destiny and her family are soon moving to Maryland , along with some other families from church, as they are starting an outreach church there. We are going to miss them!! Kirsten and Destiny are good friends, so she came for a sleepover before they move, and then we took pictures.desiny # 1_edited-1destiny 023_edited-1 destiny 070_edited-1 destiny 091_edited-1destiny 139_edited-1I took so many pictures, it was hard to choose what to put on this post 🙂destiny 165destiny 156We even had some monkeys in the tree 😉 I’m surprised the poor girl could even focus with all the commotion around her!

Destiny, I will miss teasing you and seeing your smiling face 🙂 Thanks for putting up with me snapping away 🙂