Never say never…

You never know what God has planned for you! Back when I was a teenager, { according to my children, this is back in the olden days 🙂 } I made the comment that I would never marry a dairy farmer. I had decided that farming was not for me . Not sure what happened? 🙂

Funny thing is, Dale & I met when he came to our farm looking for work. God does have a sense of humor I think 🙂 By the way, hubby still says he came to our farm because he heard my Dad bought this tractor he thought would be fun to use. He says he had no idea that it was girls that worked here 🙂

Anyway, I’m glad God had other plans for me! I feel blessed to be able to live and work together every day. Sure their are days when you wish those cows had an off button. { hey girls, you think you could hold that milk for a day? it’s Sunday after all, a day of rest } That hasn’t worked yet 🙂 But we have the blessing of working alongside family, and dependable relief milkers, so it’s usually not too hard to have a break when we need one.

And some of the time when I feel most inspired is when I’m in the barn . Inspired, you say? When this is what you have to look at ? 🙂misc, spring 018{ I made sure I took this picture right after we scraped up. Hubby would want it looking semi-clean 🙂 }

I think the reason I can be inspired in the barn is because I have time to myself to think. Milking is something that doesn’t take much thought, so my mind is free to wander . I’ve said alot of prayers, dreamed a lot of dreams, written blog posts, planned a meal, all while milking 🙂 { We milk with one person at each end of the barn, so can’t talk to hubby unless I yell 🙂 }

Yes, I am glad to be a dairy farmers wife! My plans changed, but for the better 🙂 Never say never :)….

2 thoughts on “Never say never…

  1. Oh my, I could have written that!( you even have the same milkers we do) I definitely have a love/hate relationship with dairying:) Love those mornings when in the silence, God is soo near and worship flows, but those times when children are picking on each other and your mind keeps returning to those stacks of laundry in the house that if you wouldn’t be a farm wife, you could be folding right now.

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