Days Like These

Have you ever had a day when nothing seems to go right? You wish to go back to bed, and bury under the covers, and sleep the troubles away? 🙂 The children keep trying your patience??misc, zac 005 ” Oh ya mean I’m not supposed to empty my crayons onto the floor?”

I think we all have those days! 🙂 But then you take a deep breath and keep on trying 🙂 And you think of all those other little moments that just make up for all those trying times…

misc, zac 054

could taking a snooze with daddy be any sweeter? 🙂

sweet baby feet

sweet baby feet

they do get along ;)

they do get along 😉

..And it’s really not so bad 🙂 Children are alot of work and they can try you to the utmost, but I wouldn’t trade being a parent for a thing!! I am so thankful for the 4 that God has blessed me with! And next time I feel like they couldn’t possibly do one more thing to make their poor mother get a grey hair, I shall remember all those special times they bring a smile to my face, and make me so proud to be their mama 🙂

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